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Acute labyrinthitis



HUMAN EAR – STRUCTURE, FUNCTIONS AND PARTS The Mammalian Ear The mammalian ear performs two major functions: Hearing and detecting changes in the positions of the body to bring about balance and posture. The ear is divided into three sections. The Outer Ear This consists of: An outer flap, the pinna which is made up of cartilage. The function of the pinna is to catch and direct sounds. The external auditory canal is a tube through which sound travel. The lining of the tube secretes wax, which traps dust particles and microorganisms. The tympanum is a membrane stretching across the inner end of the external auditory canal. The tympanum vibrates when it is hit by sound waves.   The Middle Ear This is a chamber containing three small bones called the ear ossic1es, the malleus, incus and stapes. The three ossic1es articulate with one another to amplify vibrations. The vibrations… Read More »HUMAN EAR – STRUCTURE, FUNCTIONS AND PARTS,

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