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Commerce (SS)


ECONOMIC COMMUNITY OF WEST AFRICAN STATES (ECOWAS) ECOWAS was established on May 28th , 1975 after the treaty establishing it was signed in Lagos, Nigeria. The member countries of ECOWAS are: Sierra Leone 2. Gambia 3.Cape verde 4. Guinea          5. Guinea Bissaau Cote D’ivoire 7. Liberia 8.Burkina Faso  9.Mali   10. Mauritania Niger 12. Nigeria 13.Senegal                   14.Benin           15. Togo   AIMS AND OBJECTIVES OF ECOWAS Promotion of co-operation and development among member countries. Abolition of trade restriction among member countries. Establishment of common tariff against the rest of the world. Removal of all obstacles to free movement of goods persons and capital among member countries. Harmonization of agricultural policies Implementation of infrastructural schemes and joint developmental projects in the area of transportation, energy etc. Harmonization of monetary policies of member countries Harmonization of economic and industrial policies among member countries To establish a common fund for co-operation, compensation and development.… Read More »ECONOMIC GROUPINGS IN WEST AFRICA

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