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basic technology (Secondary School)


WORKSHOP – SAFETY RULES, REGULATIONS & TECHNIQUES A workshop is a place where engineering activities are carried out.   WORKSHOP SAFETY RULES AND REGULATIONS WORKSHOP ACCIDENT Workshop accident is an unforeseen/unexpected occurrence that way cause injury or pain on the personnel, wastage of materials and damage of tools and equipment. CAUSES OF WORKSHOP ACCIDENT Ignorance Carelessness Fatigue Horse play Slippery floor Lack of safety devices Lack of maintenance Poor storage. TYPES OF WORKSHOP ACCIENTS Injury Fire outbreak Fainting Slipping and falling Burns Electrocution   WORKSHOP SAFETY Workshop safety is the prevention of accident occurrence in the workshop. WORKSHOP SAFETY DEVICES Safety devices are tools and equipment used to prevent accidents and harm to a person in a workshop. There devices includes: Overall Safety boots Helmet Eye goggles Nose mask Hand gloves Safety belt Ear plug/pads Five extinguisher Sand bucket Fire blanket Fire alarm Ventilator and fan.   WORKSHOP SAFETY RULES… Read More »WORKSHOP – SAFETY RULES, REGULATIONS & TECHNIQUES

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