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Abiotic factors (environmental factors)



THE ECOSYSTEM What is Ecosystem? The community and the abiotic or non-living environment together make up an ecosystem or ecological system. In this system energy flow is clearly defined from producers to consumers and nutrient cycling takes place in paths that links all the organisms and the non-living environment. Biomass: This is the mass of all the organisms in a given area. Ideally, it is the dry mass that should be compared. Carrying capacity: This is the maximum sustainable density in a given area e.g. the number of herbivores a given area can support without overgrazing.   Factors in an Ecosystem Abiotic factors (environmental factors) Temperature Is the hotness or coldness of an area or habitat. It directly affects the distribution and productivity (yield) of populations and communities. Most organisms are found in areas where temperature is moderate. However, certain plants and animals have adaptations that enable them to live… Read More »THE ECOSYSTEM

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