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Do and Dare — a Brave Boy’s Fight for Fortune by Jr. Horatio Alger

DO AND DARE or A BRAVE BOY’S FIGHT FOR FORTUNE   By Horatio Alger, Jr.   NEW YORK Source: CHAPTER I. THE POST OFFICE AT WAYNEBORO. “If we could only keep the post office, mother, we should be all right,” said Herbert Carr, as he and his mother sat together in the little sitting room of the plain cottage which the two had occupied ever since he was a boy of five. “Yes, Herbert, but I am afraid there won’t be much chance of it.” “Who would want to take it from you, mother?” “Men are selfish, Herbert, and there is no office, however small, that is not sought after.” “What was the income last year?” inquired Herbert. Mrs. Carr referred to a blank book lying on the table in which the post-office accounts were kept, and answered: “Three hundred and ninety-eight dollars and fifty cents.” “I shouldn’t think… Read More »Do and Dare — a Brave Boy’s Fight for Fortune by Jr. Horatio Alger

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Adrift in New York

Adrift in New York OR Tom and Florence Braving the World By HORATIO ALGER, JR. Author of “Mark Mason’s Victory,” “Ben Bruce,” “Bernard Brook’s Adventures,” “A Debt of Honor,” etc., etc.       A. L. BURT COMPANY, PUBLISHERS NEW YORK 1900   Source: ADRIFT IN NEW YORK. Chapter I. The Missing Heir. “Uncle, you are not looking well to-night.” “I’m not well, Florence. I sometimes doubt if I shall ever be any better.” “Surely, uncle, you cannot mean——” “Yes, my child, I have reason to believe that I am nearing the end.” “I cannot bear to hear you speak so, uncle,” said Florence Linden, in irrepressible agitation. “You are not an old man. You are but fifty-four.” “True, Florence, but it is not years only that make a man old. Two great sorrows have embittered my life. First, the death of my dearly beloved wife, and next, the… Read More »Adrift in New York

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