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 Classification of stitches  

  Stitches are classified into two groups:

Roll the mouse over the words: Permanent and Temporary for additional information.

Classify stitches.

–  Describe how to work out different types of stitches

Joining stitches

These are stitches which are used to hold two or more layers of fabric together permanently.

They include:

– Machine stitches

– Over sewing

– Faggotting

Faggotting Stitches

Neatening Stitches


These are stitches which are used to finish raw edges.

They include:

–  Loop stitches

–  Button hole stitches

–  Machine zigzag

Buttonhole Stitches

Decorative stitches

These are embroidery stitches worked to add beauty to a garment or article.

They include:

– Stem stitch

– Chain stitch

– Satin stitch

– Cross stitch

– French knot

– Even Tackings

– Long and Short Tackings

– Diagonal Tackings

– Tailor Tacks

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