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Needs of the Sick at Home

The sick at home have various needs such as:

  1. Physical needs
  2. Nutritional needs
  3. Emotional needs
  4. Social needs
  5. Spiritual needs


Physical Needs

The physical needs of the sick at home may be met by ensuring the following:

  1. Clean room, clean clothes and body, clean bedding
  2. Well ventilated room
  3. Appropriate furniture
  4. Physical exercises
  5. Administering drugs as prescribed by the doctor
  6. Changing position for a bed ridden patient to avoid bed sores


Nutritional Needs

The patient should be provided with a balanced diet.

This includes:

  1. Plenty of proteins
  2. Plenty of vegetables and fruits
  3. Small amounts of carbohydrates
  4. Little or no fats
  5. A lot of fluids


Emotional Needs

This is giving hope and encouragement to the patient.

This can be shown through; hugging; giving flowers, gifts, cards; counseling; and engaging them in conversation.

Social Needs

Sick people feel lonely and would appreciate the company of loved ones. However the number of visitors should be limited to give the patient time to rest.


Spiritual Needs

Most people believe in a supernatural being upon whom they rely on in times of need.

In sickness every patient should be allowed to exercise their faith.

This can be achieved through:

  1. Prayers
  2. Visit from spiritual leaders
  3. Reading of the Holy Book
  4. Meditation


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