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The sectors can be divided into three segment

  • Primary sector
  • Secondary sector
  • Tertiary sector
  1. Primary Sector: This include farming, fishing, forestry and mining


Agriculture can be simply referred to as the production of plants and animals for man’s consumption and industrial use. It is the oldest form of human activity in Nigeria.

It is from agricultural products that the people of Nigeria are fed, clothed and sheltered. Agriculture was the main stay of Nigeria economy before the discovery of crude on in large quantities in the 1960s. government has implanted various programmes to increase food production in the country. In 1978, Geneal Olusegun Obasanjo imtroduced operation feedthe nation. President Sheu Shagari introduced green revolution. In 1981, Muhammed Buhari introduced back to Land 1984.

Importance of Agriculture

  • Provision of food e.g. yam, cocoyam, rice, beans etc.
  • Source of raw material
  • Provision of employment opportunity
  • Source of foreign exchange
  • Provision of materials for clothing
  • Source of income to farmers
  • It leads to development of towns and cities
  • Sources of earing revenue for government
  • It can be used for research purposes

Problems of Agriculture

  • Inadequate finance or credit facilities
  • Use of crude implement
  • Problem of pest and disease
  • Poor transportation network
  • Look of storage facilities
  • Lack of extension workers
  • Inconsistence government policy
  • Inadequate agricultural education and extension
  • Inadequate tools and machinery
  • Lack of youth interest in Agriculture
  • Land tenure system

Solution of Agriculture

  • Government support
  • Adequate finance or capital
  • Good transportation network
  • Availability of storage facilities
  • Presence of modern tools and implement
  • People should be educated to agricultural activities
  • Youths should be encouraged by giving them fund to contribute to Agricultural practices.

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