Representative Democracy is a system of government in which people elect those that will rule over them in government. It is also a government in the majority of the people. Examples of countries that practice this system include: Ghana, Nigeria, Liberia, South Africa, U.S.A, Britain, France, Germany, Brazil, etc.

Features of Democracy

  1. There must be the existence of a constitution
  2. Rule of law must be in existence
  3. The rights of the people must be recognized
  4. There must be regular elections
  5. The Judiciary must be independent
  6. There must be party system
  7. There must be separation of power
  8. There must be fixed tenure of office
  9. The people’s right to evaluate the government activities.



  1. The electoral body e.g. INEC
  2. The political parties
  3. The pressure groups
  4. The various arms of government.


  • Define representation democracy
  • State five features of democracy
  • Mention the democratic institution

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