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The Full Stop and The Comma

  1. The Comma (,) – It is used to separate items of a date. An example

Monday, 3rd July, 2015

It is also used for subscription. Examples: Yours sincerely, Your loving son.

Comma can be used to separate noun from another. An example is

I saw Mr. Ojo, the principal of Anglican High School.

It is also used with direct speech. an example: “We shall go home”, she said.


  1. The Full – Stop (.) – It is used to end a sentence. And examples

(i) Gbolahan came to Ibadan yesterday         (ii) She is a beautiful woman

  1. It is used in abbreviations. Examples U.S.A, U.K, M.A, B.A etc.



Reference: – New Oxford English. Book 2, page 14

Instruction: Replace the asterisks in this conversation with comma, questions make and inverted commas.

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