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Starting from Junior Secondary to Senior Secondary school to Higher Institution, all mathematics formulas are found on this e-book. This mathematics formula is majorly on secondary school mathematics from JSS1 to SS3.

1) Number – (a) Integers (b) Prime factors (c) H.C.F (G.C.D)/L.C.M (d) Fractions and Decimals (e) Squares & square roots, etc.

2) Measurements I: (a) Lengths and perimeters (b) Pythagoras theorem (c) Volume and Capacity (d) Mass, density and weight, etc.

(3) Measurements II: (a) Areas of triangles (b) Areas of quadrilaterals (c) Areas of part of a circle (d) Area of a segment (e) Areas of regular polygons, etc.

(4) Surface Area of solids: (a) surface area of prisms (b) surface area of a cone (c) surface area of a pyramid (d) surface area of frustum (e) Surface area of sphere, etc.

(5) Volumes of solids: (a) Volumes of prisms (b) Volumes of pyramids (c) Volumes of cones (d) Volumes of frustums (e) Volume of spheres, etc.

(6) Algebra: (a) Simplification of algebraic expressions (b) removed of brackets (c) factorization by grouping (d) substitution and evaluation, etc.

(7) Linear Equations: (a) Linear equations in one unknown (b) Linear equations from real life situations (c) Simultaneous Linear equations, etc.

(8) Quadratic Expressions and Equations I: (a) Expanding algebraic expressions (b) Quadratic Identities (c) Factorizing quadratic expressions (d) Solving quadratic by factorization

(9) Quadratic expressions and equations II: (a) Further factorization (b) completing the square (c) quadratic formula (d) Tables of values for quadratic equation (e) graphs of quadratic equations and solutions of equations

(10) Linear Inequalities I: (a) Linear inequalities in one unknown on a number line (b) simple inequalities in one unknown (c) compound inequalities in one unknown (d) Graphical solutions of linear inequalities (e) Solutions of simultaneous inequalities

(11) Linear Inequalities II: (a) Formulation of linear inequalities in learn programming (b) graphical solution of linear inequalities and optimization, etc.

(12) Surds: (a) Simplification of surds (b) Rationalization of denominations of surds etc.

(13) Sequences and Series: (a) A.P Series (b) G.P series (c) sum of A.P series (d) sum of G.P series, etc.

(14) Binomial Expansion: (a) Pascal’s Triangle (b) Coefficients of terms of Binomial expression (c) computation using Binomial expansion (d) evaluation of numerical values binomial expansion etc.

(15) Formula and Variation: (a) Direct Variation (b) Inverse variation (c) joint Variation (d) Partial Variation (e) Formulae, etc.

(16) Geometry: (a) Angles and plane figures (b) Angle on transversal (c) Angle properties of a polygon (d) Angles at a point

(17) Geometrical Constructions: (a) Bisection of a line (b) Bisection of an angle (c) Construction of an angle of 450 (d) construction of angle of 600 (e) Perpendicular bisector of a line.

(18) Loci: (a) Perpendicular bisector (b) Parallel lines locus (c) circle locus (d) angle bisector locus (e) constant angle locus

(19) Scale Drawing: (a) Bearings (b) Scale drawing (c) angles of elevation and depression (d) surveying techniques


(20) Common Solids: (a) Nets and solids (b) Distance between two points on the surface of a solid

(21) Three Dimensional Geometry: (a) Angles between line (b) angles between a line and a plane (c) Angles between a plane and a plane (d) angles between skew lines.

(22) Angle Properties of a circle: (a) angles subtended by the same arc at the circumference (b) angles in a semi-circle (c) angles at the centre and at the circumference by the same arc (d) angles in a cyclic quadrilateral

(23) Circles: Chords and Tangents: (a) lengths of tangents and chords (b) properties of chords and tangents (c) Intersecting chords (d) Escribed circle (e) Construction on Tangents to a circle from an exterior point.

(24) Graphs: (a) Coordinate and graphs (b) choice of scale (c) tabulation of values for linear relation (d) graphical solutions of linear equations.

(25) Graphical methods: (a) table of values for graphs of given relation (b) graphs of quadratic and cubic relation (c) solutions of quadratic and cubic equations from graphs (d) Quadratic curves (e) cubic curves.

26) Trigonometry: (a) sine, cosine, and tangents of angels (b) sine and cosine of complementary angles (c) special angles of 300, 450 and 600

27) Trigonometric Ratios II: (a) Trigonometric ratio of negative angles and angles greater than 900 (b) Derivation of cosine rules.

28) Trigonometric Ratio II: (a) Trigonometric graphs (b) Trigonometric simple equations (c) Trigonometry Amplitude, period, wave length and phase angles or shift

29) Commercial Arithmetic: (a) Profit and loss (b) Exchange rates (c) Discounts (d) commissions (e) simple interest (f) compound interest (g) Appreciation and depreciation.

There are alot of Mathematics formulas in this e-book.

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