• Advanced Mathematics for senior secondary schools, universities, polytechnics, colleges
  • Solve all mathematics problems
  • Written by teachers, lectures, professors, educators and expert in their fields.
  • SSCE, NECE, GECE, NABTEB, BECE, JAMB, POST JAMB, Science Courses, Maths Exams, Statistics Course Standard
  • In Format of PDF, Can be used on all mobile devices and computer
  • A copy for the whole family
  • It doesn’t have expiring date
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Advanced Mathematics Formulas has over 1000+ formulas that can solve so many mathematics problems as possible. This e-book is a complete mathematics formula for school students in secondary schools and higher institutions. The book contains hundreds of formulas, tables, and figures from number sets, algebra, geometry, trigonometry, matrices and determinants, vectors, analytic geometry, calculus, differential equations, series, and probability theory.

It has over 1000+ mathematics formulas. A superb e-book that doesn’t expire. Parents can also buy for their kids to help them become mathematicians and solve as many problems as possible and pass their mathematics examination in sitting.


Some of the formulas include:

(A) Number sets – (1) Set identities (2) set of numbers (3) basic identities (4) complex numbers, etc.

(B) Algebra – (5) Factoring Formulas (6) Product Formulas (7) Powers (8) Roots (9) Logarithms (10) Equations (11) Inequalities (12) Compound Interest Formulas, etc.

(C) Geometry – (13) Right triangle (14) Isosceles Triangle (15) Equilateral Triangle (16) Scalene Triangle (17) Square (18) Rectangle (19) Rhombus (20) Trapezoid (21) Isosceles Trapezoid (22) Isosceles Trapezoid with Inscribed Circle (23) Kite, etc.

(D) Trigonometry – (24) Radian and Degree Measures of angles (25) Definition and Graphs of Trigonometric functions (26) Signs of trigonometric functions (27) Trigonometric Function of common Angles (28) Multiple Angle Formulas, etc.

(E) Matrices and Determinants – (29) Determinant (30) Properties of determinant (31) Matrices (32) Operations with matrices (33) Systems of Linear Equations, etc.

(F) Vectors – (34) Vector coordinates (35) Vector addition (36) Vector Subtraction (37) Scaling Vectors (38) Scalar Product, etc.

(G) Analytic Geometry – (39) One-Dimensional Coordinate System (40) Two-Dimensional Coordinate System (41) Straight Line in Plane (42) Circle (43) Ellipse, etc.

(H) Differential Calculus: (44) Function and their graphs (45) limits of functions (46) Definition and properties of the derivation, etc.

(I) Integral Calculus – (47) Indefinite Integral (48) Integral of rational functions (49) Integrals of Irrational functions (50) Integrals of trigonometric functions (51) Integrals of hyperbolic function, etc.

(J) Differential Equations – (52) First order ordinary differential equations, (53) Second order ordinary differential equations, (54) Some partial Differential equations, etc.

(K) Series: (55) Arithmetic Series, etc. (56) Geometric series, etc. (57) Some finite series (58) Infinite series, etc. (59) Properties of convergent series (60) convergence tests, etc.

(L) Probability – (61) Permutations and Combination (62) Probability Formulas, etc.

Get it and solve as many mathematics as possible.


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