– Irons

– Ironing board


– Made of non rusting material

– Medium weight

– Smooth sole

– Pointed toe to reach fullness

– If electric, should be thermostatic.

– Used to press work after each stage of construction

– Use right temperature for every fabric

– Wipe before use

– Do not drop

– Occasionally clean thoroughly

– Oil hinges of charcoal iron to prevent rusting

Ironing Board

– Should be adjustable

– Should be well padded

– Should be stable on the ground

– Should have a loose cover

– Used to place work when pressing

– Adjust to comfortable height

– Remove and wash cover regularly

– Fold and protect from dust when not in use

Sleeve Board

– Similar to ironing board but small

– Used for processing small shapes articles such as cuffs and sleeves

Pressing Cloth

– Choose lint free clothes that are closely woven

– Used for damping and wetting during pressing.

– Wash and store after use.

Author: Mrs. OZURUONYE

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