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Correct: Several reported their findings.

Incorrect: Several reported his/her findings.

Both singular and plural indefinite pronouns

All, some, any, none

These indefinite pronouns may be singular or plural, depending on their meaning in the sentence.

Examples: All of my story is true – singular

All of the guests are here – plural

None of the lake is foggy – singular

None of the photos are spoiled – plural.

Exercise 8

Underline the indefinite pronouns in the following sentences and then write the correct form of the verb or possessive pronoun in the brackets.

  1. All the photographs of the killer (is, are) unclear.
  2. (Has, Have) anybody seen my camera? 3. Many (believes, believe) a monster lives in the lake.
  3. Each of the photographs (make, makes) people want more.
  4. All of the evidence (indicates, indicate) that he was killed by his wife.
  5. Everyone has taken (his, their) payment.
  6. Several eyewitnesses volunteered to give (his, their) accounts.
  7. Anyone can lose (her, their) eyesight.
  8. Another reported (his, their) case to the police.
  9. Somebody left (her, their) handbag in the lecture hall.
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