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Physcial And Health Education (P.H.E)



Table Tennis Equipment The table The net The bats The net supports The balls The towel   The Basic Skills and Techniques The grip The service The footwork/stance The backhand stroke/drive The forehand stroke/drive The top spin The lob The half volley The push shot The drop shot The smash   The Nature of the Game The game of table tennis is played on table of 0.76m high by two or four players. The game begins with a serve from the server after a toss for choice of service. The ball must hit the server’s table before crossing the net at the centre of the table into the opponent’s court.   A point is awarded to a player who wins the rally. Players change service after every two points have been scored. The player who reaches 11 points (formerly 21 points)  first wins the game. In case of a tie… Read More »TABLE TENNIS



Striking/Fielding Games are activities in which players score points by striking an object and running to designated playing areas or prevent opponents from scoring by retrieving the object and returning it to stop the play.   By playing these games, participants will learn the key skills and tactics for games such as Baseball, Cricket and Softball. Table tennis and Tennis are games that are related to the striking games in flexibility, accuracy, strength, endurance and agility.   History of Table Tennis Nobody is sure of the origin of table tennis but there is the general belief that it started in the far East. It was called different names such as “Ping Pong” “Indoor tennis””whiff-whaff” and “Gossima”. The name table tennis was given by the Parker brothers. The International Table Tennis was formed in 1926 with it headquarters in Berlin. Following the formation of the International body, national associations began to… Read More »STRIKING/FIELDING

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