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Objectives are goals an individual or group aims at to get the very best of their performance.

Some of the general objectives of social studies include the following:

  1. Critical thinking: Social studies teaches students about history and enables them understand how society has evolved. It also helps students develop an ability to think critically about societal issues and learn how to address them based on their understanding of social values.
  2. Social understanding: It allows students to develop an understanding of society and the human condition.
  3. Integrating ideas: Social studies involves a number of subjects including history, geography and economics. Students learn how to integrate ideas from different disciplines to  come up with reasonable decisions so that they are better able to identify problems affecting the society.

Other objectives of social studies

  1. Social studies educate students on becoming patriotic and responsible citizens.
  2. Social studies teaches us our roles and responsibilities in the environment we find ourselves.
  3. It helps us develop critical thinking abilities.
  4. Social studies prepares us to participate competently and productively as a concerned citizen and teaches us to address societal and global concerns using literature technology and other identifiable community resources.

Generally, social studies educates students on citizenship, providing them with the knowledge, skills and attitude that will help them become responsible citizens.



  1. Itemize the objectives of social studies.
  2. Explain the general objectives of social studies


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