Any natural heavenly body that orbits around a planet e.g. moon for earth, tritan for Saturn and triton for Neptune.


  • Also called minor planets.
  • Are small fragments of rocks left going around the sun when the solar system was formed
  • Found between Mass and Jupiter
  • Are 1500 in number
  • They sometimes collide with each other and planets due to Jupiter’s gravitational pull causing them to move in erratic orbits.


  • Heavenly bodies which appear to have a head and a long tail
  • Made of ice, dust and frozen gas
  • The head is made of many particles of dust, rock and frozen gases.
  • Their tail is made of gases and points away from the sun.
  • Move around the sun in extremely long and oval orbits
  • Their orbits cross the earth’s orbits e.g. Halley’s Comet which appears after every 76 years.


  • Small heavenly body which strays from its orbit in the solar system and enters the earth’s atmosphere at very high speed.


  • A meteoroid which is burning out due to friction after entering the earth’s atmosphere.


  • Remains of a meteoroid which have reached the earth’s surface or incompletely burnt up meteoroid.
  • When they fall they sink into the ground forming craters
  • They are rich in iron
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The Moon

  • A natural satellite
  • Receives its light from the sun and reflects it onto the earth.
  • It revolves around the earth
  • Takes 29.5 days to complete one revolution around the earth
  • Its orbit is almost circular
  • As it revolves around the sun it appears in various shapes ranging from crescent/new moon, half moon, gibbons moon and full moon.
  • Has gravitational pull which causes the rising and falling of the ocean level
  • As the moon orbits around the earth it creates an event called eclipse.


-Phenomenon occurring when the rays of the sun are blocked from reaching the earth or the moon.


Solar/Sun Eclipse

  • The moon comes between the earth and the sun
  • The moon’s shadow is cast on the earth
  • The

sun appears to be covered by darkness

Lunar/moon Eclipse

  • The earth comes between the moon and the sun
  • The earths shadow is cast on the moon

• The moon appears to be covered by darkness

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