National unity and integration: Nigeria is made up of many ethnic groups who rule themselves through various means based on kinship.

The Hausa/Fulanis had Emirs and Sarkis as their kings, the Yorubas/Edos have Obas while the Igbos were ruled by elders and village assembly.

National unity has now brought us together as brothers and sisters, most ethnic groups in Nigeria inter-marry, this brings about unity despite our differences.

Integration: this is the process of bringing together people of different ideas and cultural backgrounds to have common interests and pursue common goals.

Nigeria is made up of over 300 ethnic groups therefore there is need for integration in order to promote peace, understanding and progress in the society.

Cultural integration can take the following forms

  • Religious tolerance
  • Inter-ethnic trade
  • Inter-ethnic marriage
  • Education
  • Patriotism
  • NYSC Scheme – All these are the institutions that the Nigerian government have put in place to promote integration.

Institutions that promote national unity.

  1. National Youth Service Corp (NYSC)
  2. Inter-Ethnic Trade and marriages
  • Making use of common national symbols like National anthem, pledge, flag, currency, common language and religion.

Need for national unity and Integration

  • It enhances understanding among drivers ethnic groups in Nigeria.
  • It promotes oneness
  • It promotes political stability
  • It enhances social and economic growth.
  • It promotes peace and tranquility.
  • It enables us to provide a common force against our foes.

Problems of national unity and integration

  • Cultural diversity: there are over 300 cultural groups in Nigeria.
  • Ethnicity: there has always been ethnic preferences in our interactions with each other.
  • Statism: The division of the country into different states makes national unity difficult.
  • Catchment area: the use of quota system and zoning makes some people gain undue advantage over others.


  • Identify any four problems of national unity and integration
  • What 3 institutions promotes national unity and integration.
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Author: Mr. Oyedepo D.O

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