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Marketing (School)

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MARKETING SS 3- FIRST TERM International Marketing – Meaning and Reasons for International Marketing – Organizing for International Marketing Application of Information and Communication Technology (ICT) in International Marketing   MARKETING SS 3- SECOND TERM Entrepreneurship in Marketing – Planning for a Personal Marketing Outlet – Purchase, supplies and Merchandising of goods and Services Projects   MARKETING SS 3- THIRD TERM General revision.   Also See MATHEMATICS (MATHS) SSS 3 SCHEME OF WORK LITERATURE-IN-ENGLISH SSS 3 SCHEME OF WORK ISLAMIC RELIGIOUS STUDIES (IRS) SSS 3 SCHEME OF WORK GOVERNMENT SSS 3 SCHEME OF WORK GEOGRAPHY SSS 3 SCHEME OF WORK

Coat of arms of Nigeria


MARKETING SS 2- FIRST TERM Distribution – Meaning – Types of Distribution – Channels of Distribution – Factors that Influence the Choice of Distribution Channels – Benefits of Intermediaries Transportation – Meaning – Importance of Transportation in Marketing – Major Modes of Transportation – Factors Affecting the Choice of Transportation – Main Documents Used in Transportation MARKETING SS 2- SECOND TERM Warehousing – Meaning – Functions of Warehousing – Advantages of Warehousing – Types of Warehousing – Characteristics of Ideal Warehousing – Activities of Warehousing Structure and Market Union Involvement for Sales of Goods – Primary and Secondary Products – Channels for Marketing Primary and Secondary Products – Market Union Involvement in Marketing MARKETING SS 2- THIRD TERM Role of Facilitators – Meaning of Facilitator – Role of Facilitator in Marketing Agriculture Products Marketing of Mineral Products – Meaning of Mineral Products – Oil and Non-oil Products – Methods of… Read More »MARKETING SS 2 SCHEME OF WORK



INTRODUCTION TO MARKETING¬†¬† Marketing may be defined as the process of assessing consumer needs, wants, preferences and demand; designing and producing goods and services that will satisfy such wants and moving such gods and services to the final consumer at a profit to an organisation. ¬† Importance of Marketing to the Economy It encourages mass- production which leads to lower unit cost of goods and services It promotes competition and efficiency It improves the standard of living of people by making modern goods available to them It creates employment opportunities for the practitioners It ensures consumers satisfaction It increases productivity (GDP) and is the key to economic growth   Functions of Marketing Exchange function Buying function Selling function Storage function Transportation function Financing function Risk bearing function Pricing function Standardizing and grading of goods Market information and research Production planning and development Determining the level of production   See also… Read More »INTRODUCTION TO MARKETING

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