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Care or Maintenance of magnet

  1. By using a keeper-A keeper is a piece of iron that is temporarily added between the north and south poles of a magnet to prevent demagnetization by redirecting the magnetic field.

2.Magnets should be stored in pairs.

3.Store in dry place.

4.Store in a non –ferromagnetic container

  1. Store in cool place

6.Magnets may be coated or case to prevent corrosion.

7.Magnet should not be heated as this will destroy the magnetic properties 


Magnets are useful in the following areas such as

-radio communication


-in appliances such as computer, electric generator, loudspeaker, microphone  and  electromagnets


1.Magnet is made from   A. iron  B.tin  C.copper  D.steel

2.Loadstone is naturally occurring magnet discovered in  A.Britain  B.America  C.Germany  D.China

3.Which of the following statements is correct?  A.unlike poles repel  B. like poles attract poles repel  D.unlike poles repel and attract

4.The following exert a field force except?   A.magnet and pin  B.electric force   C.dragged table  D. comb and hair.

  1. A bar magnet has ________ poles A. one B.two  C.three   D.four

7.Magnet is used in all of  the following except in  A. cookers   B.telegraph  C generator  D. loudspeakers.

8a.Explain  how show magnetic force  around a magnet

b.Demonstrate how to detect the North And South poles of a magnet

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