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Nous: il nous ecrit                                            He writes us

Il nous appelle main tenant

Vous:    vous nous partagez souvent

You share us often

Elle vous voit                      She sees us

Les:        Elle les voit                                          She sees them

Il les voit                                              He sees them

Je les salue                                         I greet them.



In indirect objects, there is always a preposition between the verb and the noun.

1ere                       Me/m

2eme                    Te/t

3eme                    lui







Les phrases

Il me chante                                       He sing to me/he is singing to me

Elle me parle                                      she speaks to me/she is speaking to me



Il te parle                             He speaks to you

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Je te demande la direction                          I am asking of the direction



Elle lui donne                     she gives him/her

Elle lui mange                    she eat with him/her

Il lui parle                                             He speaks to him/her



Elle nous dit bonsoir                       she say good evening to us

Il nous chante                                    He sings to us/he is singing to us


Il nous rend visite tous les vaccance.

He visit us every holiday.



Nous vous jouons

We are playing with you

Nous vous mangeons

We are eating with you

Nous vous parlons

We speak to you



Les etudiants vous rendent a l’ecole

Tous les jours

The students enter the school every day

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Les enfants vous parlent

The children are talking to you



Elle leur parle

She speaks to them

Il leur donne

He gives to them

Vous leur voit tous les week-end

You see them every weekend


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