Loading Microsoft Word:  Microsoft Word is a word processing package that enable the user to type, correct, edit, format and print out text and graphics in letters, reports, newsletters, etc.

Steps on how to load Microsoft Word

  1. Click on the ‘start’ button at the left bottom of the screen.
  2. Move the mouse pointer to ‘All Programs’ and click it
  3. Move the mouse pointer to ‘Microsoft Office’ (This is a folder. Inside the folder contains a list of Microsoft Office programs).
  4. Point the mouse pointer at the folder and click on ‘Microsoft Office’, Microsoft Office package will drop down.
  5. Click on ‘Microsoft Word’
  6. The Microsoft Word will load on the screen.

Microsoft Word Interface 

The Microsoft Word Interface consists of the following main elements.

(i) Office button (ii) Quick Access Toolbar (iii) Status Bar (iv) Ribbon

(i) Office Button: Office button is placed at the top-left corner of the MS Word Interface, when you click office button, a menu is display. The menu consists of recent documents list, Word options, exit word, new, open, save, print, etc.

(ii) Quick Access Toolbar: Quick Access Toolbar is placed to the right of office button in the word window, Quick Access Toolbar allows easy access to basic commands, such as saving a document and undoing changes.

(iii) Status Bar: The status bar is placed at the bottom of the word window. It displays information related to the currently open document, such as page number and the total number of pages in a document. In addition, it contains some controls for changing the display of the currently opens document.

(iv) Ribbon: The Ribbon is a panel at the top of a Word document window. It comprises a few easily accessible commands that are needed to work on a document.

The Ribbon consists of seven basic tabs. (a) Home (b) Insert (c) Page layout (d) References (e) mailing             (f) Review (g) View

Steps on How to Exit/Close Microsoft Word

  1. Click on “Office Button”
  2. Move the mouse pointer down to ‘close’ and click on it. (If you have not saved your work. A dialog box will ask you if you would like to save your work. Click yes, if you want to save the work and type in a filename to save it. Click on cancel button if you don’t want to save or close the document and you want to continue with your work. It is advisable to always save your work while working on it).


(1) Explain the steps involve in loading Microsoft Word

(2) Mention the four (4) Microsoft Word Interfaces

(3) Explain the steps involve in exiting MS Word.

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