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ICT covers any product that will store, retrieve, manipulate, transmit form e.g. Computers, digital T.V, email, etc.

Examples of ICT   

(i) Radio (ii) Television (iii) GSM (iv) Cellular network (v) Computer (vi) Internet (vii) Satellite communication


  • Medium to record information – e.g. magnetic disk/magnetic tape, optical disk (CD/DVD), flash memory
  • Broadcasting information – e.g. radio, television.
  • Microphone, camera, loudspeaker, telephone, cellular phone – communicating through voice and sound or images.
  • Computing Hardware – PCs, servers, mainframes, networked storage.


  • Timely, better and cheaper access to knowledge and information.
  • Speed up transactions and processes.
  • Causes human beings to interact with each other in new ways as could be seen in the use of GSM and telephones.
  • Distance becomes irrelevant in business transactions and dealings, apart from GSM and teleconference are also notables ones.
  • Innovative ways of interaction and thinking
  • Makes life more enjoyable and entertaining – DVD, IPOD, MP3 Player, CD


1) FACSIMILE (FAX MACHINE) TRANSMISSION: This is a combination of a telephone and photocopier in one, a fax machine scans, an image in much the same way as a photocopier, the copy is sent as electronic signals, any where in the world. The receiving machine converts the signal back to an image and prints it on paper.

Fax message can also be sent to and from microcomputer.

2) CELLULAR PHONES:  Cellular phone, otherwise also called “cell” phones can be used for normal telephone to make and receive calls (calls) and also to send and receive text message. Some cell phones also facilitates the sending and receiving of E-mail and digital photographs.

3) VIDEO CONFERENCING: Video conferencing has to do with communicating using a telephone, computer system and video camera. This system makes it possible for people in different locations around the world to be able to see and hear each other in real time. One can chat with friends or hold meetings without having to travel just like the telephone, video conferencing helps to remove the barrier or physical location.


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List five (5) ICT tools for communicating and transmitting of information

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