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According to Great Man theory and Trait theories “Leaders are Born” not made. Great leaders are natural and they are different from the ones that are trained. Most if not all remarkable leaders have their own legacy in leadership and they were leaders from the onset of their journey.

Behavioural Theories believe that people can become leaders through the process of teaching, learning and observation. Leadership is a set of skills that can be learned by training, perception, practice and experience over time. Leadership learning is lifetime activity. Good leaders seek out development opportunities that will help them learn new skills. Leadership is an art not science. Being a science scholar I disagree as I always argue Science and Art, both are like two sides of a same coin. Without artistic thinking science itself has no value and vice-versa.

The 5 basic steps in leadership are:

1. Model the way

2. Inspire

3. Challenge the process

4. Enable others to Act

5. Encourage the Heart.

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Many theories on and practices i.e. cognitive and emotional intelligence should be greatly imbibed. I realized unfortunately if somewhere leadership is lacking the most, it is in Educational industry. There are many called Professors, Teachers, Educators, Instructors etc. engaged in this noble profession either they do not deserve to be in academics or they are blinded by their years of false Ego. Somewhere, they are misguided that their academic accomplishments i.e. publishing papers, acquiring external funding, guiding a bunch of graduate students to get on or teaching full time classes does not suffice them to ill treat, misbehave, demonize their surroundings by misusing their powers. The misuse of power in academic is rampant. These are the folks that have their ego not confined to their throat rather up to their nose. It is also important to highlight that these are the folks who will be promoted to lead the academic institutions. Therefore, it is not surprising to me why we are in the middle of the declining slope.


Clearly, there is a problem in our system. I am sure some where the training has to be re-evaluated. We need to create and train humans with humanity which can show some dignity and respect for others. Clearly, they did not go through the right training and they will be damaging our human value system up to 6 generations ( as it is believed that those who engaged in teaching, their impact goes as high as 6 generations). These people have to go through “Leadership” training (please note not all rather the majority).

Therefore, I will recommend that every academic organizations should initiate and start leadership training program and make sure it is practiced well in the system so we can get back to the right track

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