IT Specialist at Precious Palm Royal Hotel


Responsibilities The IT Specialist will help to solve technical problems. He/She will be responsible for installing and upgrading system components, setting up software for employees, resolving IT and hardware issues and assisting in network administration. The main tasks will include: Consulting with clients and departments to estimate and resolve IT issues Administering data and network security for departments including system firewalls, antivirus, group policy and email security Installing, configuring and monitoring wireless network systems Creating, analyzing, reporting, converting and transferring data through systems using application software Troubleshoot hardware and software problems. Responsible for overseeing and handling network configuration, Servers, Workstations, Networking equipment, email accounts, and also support for the underlying server/desktop infrastructure. Perform other IT or Systems related task assigned by the management. Requirements Proficiency in the working of servers, networks, computers and peripherals Degree or Diploma in Information Technology or in related field. Along with in depth knowledge of Microsoft Operating systems, Microsoft or Cisco certification. Extensive knowledge of system security and procedures for protecting the organization’s data from intrusion or corruption Proficiency in multiple programming languages Advanced knowledge about hardware and software configuration Excellent troubleshooting, creative and technical problem-solving skills Knowledge of network infrastructure, including wireless networks, network switches, WAN/LAN, domain controller, Active Directory, firewall and VPN applications. Proven experience as an IT Specialist Apply Here

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