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  1. IRONY: This refers to the art of saying one thing and meaning its opposite. An irony is either verbal or dramatic. The former means intentionally saying the opposite of what we mean. Examples:

(i) Ade studied hard, and so he failed his examination woefully

(ii) I saw a woman laughing for sorrow


  1. HYPERBOLE: This is a gross exaggeration. Examples:

(i) When my father died, I spent three hundred and sixty billion naira on burial ceremony

(ii) I drank ten bucket of water yesterday

(iii) I swa a man who was taller than an Iroko tree


  1. EUPHEMISM: This si the opposite of hyperbole. When the truth is disagreeable (unpleasant) euphemism endeavour to make it pleasing. Examples:

(i) She has kicked the bucket (meaning she died)

(ii) She has just put to bed (meaning giving birth to a new baby)

(iii) He is at rest (meaning he is dead)

(iv) The manager put the student in a family way (he impregnated the student)


Give two sentences each to show the following figures of speech learnt in the lesson

  1. Irony
  2. Hyperbole
  3. Euphemism

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