• Social studies is an integrated subject because it draws its ingredients from other social science subjects like geography, economics, political science, sociology, psychology, history, etc.
  • It helps us to understand differences in our culture and how conflict can be settled through dialogue.
  • It helps us to understand the world, the position of our country and how to communicate with one another.
  • Social studies studies how man lives and inter relates in his society.

Objectives of social studies

  • Social studies teaches us the world around us and how to tolerate and respect the culture of other people other than our own.
  • It helps us to appreciate the importance of cooperation among our relatives, peers group and people in authority.
  • It impacts knowledge and skills necessary for tackling the problem of man in the society.
  • It helps us to understand the needs of our nation and how to contribute to the growth and development of it.
  • It helps us to develop good skills, habit and attitude towards each other and towards our nation.




Importance of social studies

The overall importance of social studies is to produce good citizens for the society, and acquire necessary knowledge and skills for solving our problems.

  • It lays good foundation for building a happier nation.
  • It prepares students to fit well into the society and gives them confidence to undertake any task.
  • It enables us to appreciate dignity of labour.
  • It develops our ability to adapt to changes around us.
  • It trains young minds for proper conduct.
  • It creates and develops national awareness and national unity.
  • It helps us to know more about culture.


  • Define social studies
  • Mention the scope of social studies
  • List any four subjects integrated

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