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As I woke up one morning, I heard the birds sang melodious songs and saw the trees danced towards the commands of the winds. A thought came into my mind, a thought of providing solutions to learners and students across the global for free using Nigeria as a starting point.

I am happy to introduce to you a web-based Electronic Learning Management System (E-learning) called SCHOOL PORTAL NG (

School Portal NG is developed to increase the reading habit of our students and learners, reduce their too much social network activities, online games, online betting, online football activities and other online distractions. To reduce examination malpractice thereby giving the students the enabled platform to read and study at anywhere and on their own pace.

School Portal Ng provides means of allowing educators deliver their lesson notes (contents) for free and learners across the global can have full access to those lessons for free.

Almost all, if not all e-learning management system charge fees from learners to learn and for educators to get paid but schoolportalng has come out with a unique and different concept. All modes of instructing, teaching, tutoring, content delivery and learning are completely free and will continue to be free, because “all knowledge comes from God and they are all given to us for free”. We still need your financial support to make this sustainable.

As educators, weather professional educator or not, the success of your student(s), child, pupil(s), children or ward(s) is your maximum joy and satisfaction. We should start to think about others to make our communities a better place.

It is totally open to everyone (teachers, instructors, tutors, trainers, coaches, parents, schools, learners and students). allows anyone from anywhere with any idea, skills, experience, tips, practical work, knowledge to share with learners/students for free.

It is designed in a way that students and educators do not need to register or login to deliver lessons (contents) or learn. The process of passing through that tiny registration and login process is optional to increase reading interactions and lessons delivery. Come to think of it. There is more fun in having account with School Portal Ng and become a member. You will be shocked at the interesting and interactive features it has.

I am delighted to list a few features when you become a member, there are:

  • Profile Page (b) Notification feature (c) Friends feature (d) blog post and lots more such as school news, local news, international news, articles, etc.
  • Profile Page: This profile page gives you the opportunity to tell other educators and learners about yourself, it has name, surname, website url, bio, profile photo, profile cover page. Yeah! I know you love this.
  • Notification feature: This notification feature alerts you about everything that your friends have done. All changes allow you to follow your teachers, tutors, instructors, friends’ updates, new lesson posts, blog posts, etc.
  • Friends feature: You have the ability to add friends or accepts new friends from anywhere around the world. Students with like minds and goals can become friends and have private interactions to increase their intellectual capabilities.
  • Blog post: many students love to become bloggers but do not know where and how to go about it. Don’t worry, schoolportalng has given you the opportunity for you to become a blogger and deliver your contents, tips, news, articles, stories, experience and other write ups which allows your friends to follow all your blog updates and read them.

Hey! You can make your blog contents restricted to only your friends, to only login members, to everyone. The choice is yours. We love and respect your privacy, so we allow you to determine who sees your write ups (blog posts).

  • Discover other features by yourself.

Categories on different subjects/courses such as Juniors Secondary School Subjects (JSS 1 – JSS3), Senior Secondary School Subjects (SSS 1 – SSS3), Entrepreneur Subjects, Technical Subjects, Vocational Subjects, Tips, How-to-tutorial, Project works, Story books, comic books, etc. and over 30 subjects/courses are created and more will be added base on demand.

So everyone has something useful to contribute on any category to increase knowledge and study materials for learners to study. Don’t forget that learners can become educators and educators can become learners too. We learn every day from everyone.

We started with computer studies JSS 1 (Junior Classes) and other subjects will be added from time to time. I kindly encourage our dear educators to contribute their parts to the development of a child today.

You can submit your lessons through the Submit Content (login is optional) menu or through New Blog Post (login is compulsory) tab on your own profile page.  We will review them to make sure no illegal contents are submitted and we will approve them and they will appear on their respective categories.

SCHOOL PORTAL NG is funded from my little income and we need your support (financially, contents delivery, or both and share with others) to push this to learners and help students increase their knowledge, reading habits, stop examination malpractice, develop our communities, add immense values that will improve lives economically, socially and mentally. We will forever be grateful for your support(s).

Our Mission: To provide free education and educational contents to educators and learners around the world.

Our Slogan: School Portal Ng is Free, Painless and Priceless!

We hope to achieve this.

Thank You for your support(s)

Samuel Okeke

C.E.O & Founder of





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For Support: Lesson Note submission or financial support or both. Please contact us:,, +2347063534349

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