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What is business?

Business can be defined as any service rendered to satisfy human needs or desires which is aimed at making profit in order to earn a living, although there may be loss.

Objections of Business Studies

The following are the objectives of studying or the reasons why business studies is taught at the Junior Secondary School level:

  1. To acquire the basic skills in office education
  2. To develop basic skills in office occupation
  3. To prepare students for further training in business studies.
  4. To provide the basic foundation skills for those who may want to start working after the Junior Secondary School Level.
  5. To provide the basic skills for personal use in future.

Contents or components of Business Studies

Business studies is made up of the following subjects

  1. Office practice: this includes the study of basic office procedures and practices.
  2. Commerce: this involves the study of business activities of production. Distribution and exchange of goods and services.
  3. Booking keeping: this is the act of recording Business transaction in a regular and systematic manner.
  4. Type writing: this is the art or act of using a typewriter to type in a legible and standard form.
  5. Shorthand: this involves the act of representing spoken words or sound with written signs and symbols.
  6. Computer: this involves the communication tools that can also do the work of a type writer

Career opportunity in Business Studies

The following career opportunities are available in business studies.

  1. Marketing
  2. Sales man/sales men
  1. Accountant/bursar/cashier


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