ICT covers any product that will store, retrieve, manipulate, transmit or receive information electronically in a digital form. E.g. computer, digital television, email Information Technology (I.T) refers to the systems used to store and manage information through the use of technology the use of technologies such as computers.

Information System (I.S) means a computer-based system to manage information. The system usually receives information, validates it, and does some calculating processing, stores the data and output information.

Examples of ICT are radio, television, telephone, GSM cellular networks, computers, and network hardware etc. as well as the various services and application associated with them, such as video conferencing and distance learning.

ICT Tools (or Devices)

  1. Medium to record information e.g. magnetic disk/tape option disks, (CD/DVD), flash memory, etc.
  2. Technology for broadcasting information – e.g. radio, television.
  3. Technology for communicating through voice and sound or images – e.g. Microphone, camera, loud speaker, telephone to cellular phones
  4. Computer hardware – e.g. Microphone, camera, loud speaker, telephone to cellular phones.
  5. Personal hardware: Mobile phones, personal devices, MP3 player.
  6. All application software from the smallest home – developed spread sheet to the largest enterprise package and online software services.


  1. Timely, better and cheaper access to knowledge information.
  2. Speeds up transactions and processes, this could be seen in the use of computers compared to using manual methods.
  3. Causes human beings to interact with each other new ways as could be seen in the use of GSM and telephones.
  4. Distance becomes irrelevant in business transaction and dealings.
  5. Innovative ways of interaction and thinking
  6. Makes life more enjoyable and entertaining – DVD, IPOD, MP3 players, CD, etc.
  7. It reduces cost of processing and production.


  1. It always leads to lying off of staff job.
  2. Electronic frauds are encouraged
  3. Securities of devices are threatened


  1. What is ICT?
  2. List five ICT tools
  3. Mention four benefits of ICT.

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