1. ICT in Agriculture: The application of ICT in agriculture is increasing important. E-agriculture is an emerging field focusing on the through improved information and communication process more specifically, e-agriculture involves the conceptualization, design, development, evaluation and application of innovative ways to use information and communication technologies (ICT) in the rural domain, with a primary focus on agriculture.
  2. ICT application in Education:

(a) Keep best practice guidelines for all ICT hardware and software: They should not simply be administrative tools or electronic proxies, but function more as an integrated part of the classroom and the lesson plan.

(b)   Use ICT to link home and school effectively: ICT can do this by increased communication and transparency, as well as recreating a positive environment. Engaging parents will also increase students’ motivation and thus raise standards.

(c) Positive associations with computers: Children associate positively with computer – They are therefore welcomed as a learning platform. Technology should be embraced and its appeal to students should be considered as positive.

(d) ICT in telecommunication

(e) ICT in business

(f) ICT in automobile

(g) ICT in banking and finance.


Gadgets are electronically simplified applications that make work easy. Gadgets have invaded each and every part of our lives and have proved themselves to be useful.

  1. Gadgets increase our efficiency
  2. A gadget brings joy to the family: With the advent of webcam and other video accessories, staying away from family and friends is no longer painful.
  3. Gadget make things compact – take the example of a Swiss army knife. It can be used as a spoon, knife, twizzer, bottle opener, fork, etc. in a single gadget a user can get the function of more than one product.
  4. They help in saving space.
  5. Gadgets are fun – IPODs, music system, video games, DVD and most important of all the popular TV.

So, gadgets not only make our lives easier but also save our money and precious time.


  1. Timely, better and cheaper access to knowledge and information.
  2. Speed up transactions and processes, this could be seen in the use of computers compared to using manual methods.
  3. Causes human beings to interact with each other in new ways as could be seen in the use of GSM and telephones.
  4. Distance becomes irrelevant in business transaction and dealings
  5. Innovative ways of interaction and thinking
  6. Makes life more enjoyable and entertaining – DVD, IPOD, MP3 players, CD, etc.
  7. It reduces cost of processing and production


  1. Increase laziness to work
  2. Increase laziness to study
  3. Displace many people out of job
  4. Takes more precious time of users
  5. Lose concentration of other activities.


  1. What is ICT
  2. Mention four benefits of ICT
  3. Mention Areas of ICT application

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