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The home row is that middle horizontal row of the keyboard which starts with A and goes all the way across. The home row key is a key concept typing. When set to type, the idea is that each finger remains in light contact with a particular key of the home row; A,S,D,F,J,K,L, ; so as to keep grounded  and provides reference for every other keys. The keys: A, S, D, F, J, K,L, ; are the guide keys. They are contained in the home row keys. To be able to type by touch, i.e. typing without watching the keyboard, fingers 1to 4 must remain anchored on the guide keys  A  to ;


The home row keys are so called because they are the keys that your fingers should always return to after reaching out and striking keys on other rows. The right thumb should rest gently on the space bar, and will be used when to put a space in the left of the line you are to type


Here are HOME ROW KEYS for each of your eight fingers:

ASDF                            LKJ;

Left fingers                  Right fingers


Finger Key
Left hand pinky A
Left hand ring S
Left hand middle D
Left hand index F
Right hand index J
Right hand middle K
Right hand ring L
Right hand pinky ;

 Keyboard each line twice

Key slowly the first time you key a line to master the required motions. As you key a line the second time, try to make each motion a bit facster

  1. a; sl dk fj a; sl dkfj
  2. a ad ad a as as ask ask
  3. as as jak jak ads ads all all
  4. as a fad; add a jak; all fall ads; a sad lass
  5. a sad fall; a sad fall; all jaks fall; all jaks fall



Describe the home row keys



  1. Define a public enterprise.
  2. State four characteristics of a public corporation.
  3. State four advantages of a public corporation.
  4. Mention two sources of capital for a public enterprise.
  5. Give three disadvantages of a public corporation.



  1. The middle horizontal row of the keyboard  that starts with A and goes all the way across is called the _____keys   A. upper row   B. bottom row  C. home row D. top row
  2. Which of these can be found in the home row keys?  A. side keys  B. upper keys   C. guide keys    D. top keys
  3. A proper keyboarding technique is that fingers are natural curved and poised on the ____ row key.    A.  top   B. upper   C. bottom D. home
  4. Which finger is placed on “F”?   A.  left hand index   B. left hand ring  C. right hand middle  D. right hand pinky.
  5. Which finger is placed on space bar?   A. right hand index  B. right thumb   C. left hand pinky  D. left hand pinky.



Draw the right and left hands and identify each finger with the keyit is identified with in the Home Row keys.


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