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Properties of Synthetic Fibres

Synthetic fibres are made from chemical substances which are mainly derived from coal, oil or petroleum products.

There are properties that are common to all synthetic fibres.

Desirable Properties of Synthetic Fibres

  Synthetic fibres are very strong.

  They are therefore used to make a variety of items.

  Synthetics are smooth and have a lustrous finish.

  Synthetic fabrics drape well and are popularly used to make curtains and table clothes.

  Synthetic fabrics are resilient.

This means they do not crease easily and are therefore good for traveling and work clothes.

  Light in weight therefore good for travel.

  Resistant to sunlight except nylon which yellows with prolonged exposure to sunlight.

  Not attacked by moths, insects and mildew.

Undesirable Properties of Synthetic Fibres

  Not absorbent

  Develop static electricity making them cling to the body and attract dirt.

  Damaged by chlorine bleaches

  Damaged by high temperatures

  Abrasion and prolonged wear causes pilling (small ball-like features) on the fabric.

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