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Rights of a Consumer

The following are some of the rights of a consumer:

The right to safety in the use of goods and services
The right to the correct quantities of goods
The right to adequate and correct information
Right to be involved/represented when decisions involving the consumer are being made
Right to obtain a valid receipt for goods and services for the goods and services purchased

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What is Scurvy?.  Scurvy is a nutritional disorder which is common among people who rarely eat fresh fruits and vegetables.

Scurvy is caused by lack of Vitamin C which is found in fresh fruits and vegetables.

Vitamin C maintains the health of body mucous membranes and makes them resistant to infections.

Bleeding gums
 Loose teeth
 Unhealthy skin
Weak and painful joints
Anaemia may develop
Blood in the stool and urine
Slow healing of wounds

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What is Kwashiorko?  Kwashiorkor is caused by lack of proteins in the diet.

It usually affects children below five (5) years who stop breast-feeding early and are weaned on foods lacking in proteins.

Signs and Symptoms of Kwashiorko

Hair is thin, scanty, brown and silky. Swelling of the belly, face, hands and feet.

When one presses the swollen part, the impression of the finger remains on the skin for a while.

The skin looks pale.

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What is laundry work?. Laundry work is the process of washing, drying, finishing and storing household articles and clothes so as to maintain their original state.

Washing Equipment

Washing equipment includes, buckets, basins, a laundry brush, washing machines and boilers.

A large sufuria can be used as a boiler.

Drying Equipment

Drying equipment includes, a clothes line, pegs, drying racks, clothes horse and various types of driers.