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Counseling and Testing

Places to go for counseling and medical tests are:

  1. School guidance and counselor
  2. Health centers
  3. Specialized institutions
  4. Youth center
  5. Adolescent-focused NGOs

Care and support

The support and care that can be given to people living with HIV/AIDS are:

  1. Compassion and understanding which create a sense of love and build self confidence
  2. Emotional support and nurturing which is important in maintaining positive sense of self
  3. Familiar surrounding with loved ones which create sense of security and thus break isolation

Myths and about HIV/AIDS

Myths are beliefs that are not true or scientifically proven. These include:

  1. HIV/AIDS can be contacted by hugging and infected person
  2. It can be cured
  3. HIV/AIDS can be contacted by sharing comb and hairbrush
  4. HIV/AIDS patients can be facially detected
  5. HIV/AIDS can be contacted through mosquito bites
  6. It can be contacted by sharing the same toilet with an infected person
  7. Some birth control pills can prevent HIV transmission

Facts about HIV/AIDS

  1. AIDS is real and medically proven
  2. Anyone can contact HIV/AIDs
  3. Most people who get AIDS die
  4. AIDS is caused by a virus
  5. Having sexual intercourse with many people increases the chance of getting HIV
  6. HIV is not transmitted by casual contact
  7. At present, there is no cure for AIDS



  1. Mention 4 places a student can go for counselling on AIDS
  2. Highlight three myths about HIV/AIDS



  1. Which of these people is recommended to see for counseling on HIV/AIDS (a) your boyfriend (b) your classmate (c) school counselor (d) the security guards
  2. HIV is not transmitted by casual contact(a) true (b) false (c) barely untrue (d) indifferent
  3. Students can visit the following paces for counsel on HIV/AIDS except…. (a) Market (b) specialized institutions (c) youth center (d) adolescent-focused NGOs
  4. HIV/AIDS can be contacted by sharing comb and hairbrush (a) true (b) false (c) barely untrue (d) indifferent
  5. Which of these virus can cause AIDS (a) Human Immunodeficiency Virus (b) Human Immune-efficiency Virus (c) Human Immutable Virus (d) Human Immune-duo Virus


  1. Highlight three ways of care and support for HIV/AIDS patient
  2. Enumerate four means of transmitting HIV/AIDS

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