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Health Issues | Examples, Preventions, & Harmful Substances

Harmful Substances refers to contaminated Foods and drugs which are unfit for human consumption. Consumption of such food and drink can become poisons in the body and lead to death or serious sickness

Example of harmful Substances

  1. Fake products: – All Substandard foods; drinks, drugs that are fake should not be consumed.
  2. Expired products: – All Expire foods, drinks, drugs are unfit for human, consumption so you are advice to check the expire date of the canned foods.
  3. Stale food: A stale food is a food that has been prepared for a long time, such food is not good for consumption.
  4. Impure or contaminated water is unfit for human consumption.

Ways of preventing the intake of harmful substances

  1. Always check the expiry date of any food, drink or drugs before      consuming them.
    2. Buy only food, drinks and drugs approved by NAFDAC.
  2. Avoid buying snacks that have been exposed to sun and dust.
  3. Avoid eating stale food, ensure that only well preserved food are eaten.
  4. Always eat only well cooked food.
  5. Obey the rule of hygiene always and keep your kitchen clean.



  1. Define harmful substance.
  2. Mention five ways of preventing the intake of harmful substances.
  3. Mention some harmful substances that are commonly seen in our environment.

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