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The term unicameralism means

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In a classical federal state, residual powers are vested in the

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Food and Agricultural Organization (FAO) is one of the specialized agencies of the

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One of main objectives of the African Union (AU) is to

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Vibrant opposition parties in parliament help to

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The implementation of government policies is called out by the

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Which of the following is not a function of political parties?

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Government as a process or art of governing means

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Government as an academic field of study refers to the

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Which of the following facilitates the working of a democratic government?

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Military governments rule by

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A government that is constituted by several parties after a general election is referred to as

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An agreed set of rules prescribing the governance of a country can be called the

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The type of government that is headed by a king or queen is called

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Which of the following is the duty of an Electoral Commission?

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Sovereignty ultimately resides in

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An electoral college is a

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The main focus of the ECOWAS Monitoring Group (ECOMOG) is the

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Political parties contest elections in order to

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Which of the following groups has a compulsory membership?

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In which of the following system of government is the principle of collective responsibility best upheld?

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A system of government where the component units are stronger than the central authority is known as

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The earliest agent in the formation of public opinion is the

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Public corporations are financed

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The most important achievement of the United Nations Organization (UNO) is the

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The executive head who was responsible for British colonial territories in West Africa was the

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A constitution is said to be flexible when its provisions are

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Right to rule based on norms, customs and conventions of the people is referred to as

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The political parties that were established in West Africa between 1945 and 1965 fought for

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A provision of a constitution is said to be entrenched when

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The United Nations Secretary-General is appointed for a

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The first military coup d’etat in West Africa was staged in

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One of the main principles of the presidential system is the

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A government is said to be legitimate if it

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Fascism was a type of dictatorial government established in

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Communism was popularized by

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The doctrine of the rule of law is credited to

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Constitutional government is run

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One of the reasons for the establishment of local government authorities is to

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Obedience to the laws of the state is a part of one’s

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