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A foreign body is anything undesirable that enters into the body such as dust, insects and seeds (common with children). A child putting a bean in the nose and then breathing it out. People should protect their eyes when walking or working in an area where there are dust particles in the air e.g. by wearing protective gear.


Keep small items such as seeds and beads away from children. Foreign body in the eye Advise the casualty not to rub the eye. Let the casualty sit facing the light, separate the eyelids gently with clean fingers and thumb. If foreign object can be seen, wash it out with clean water. If it is stuck on, remove with a moist swab or damp corner of clean cloth.If the object remains stuck on, bandage the eye and seek medical assistance at the nearest health facility.


Foreign body in the nose

Calm the casualty and request him/her to breath through the mouth.

Press the unaffected nostril with a finger and blow the nose to remove the object.

If it does not come out, do not attempt to remove it, but seed medical assistance.

For small children, seek medical assistance immediately.


Foreign body in the ear

Reassure the casualty and let him/her lie down. Flood the ear with clean water if an insect is lodged inside. If unsuccessful, refer casualty to nearest health facility.


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