What is First Aid?

First Aid is the immediate help given to a person who has had an accident or sudden illness before being placed under medical care.

It is usually done at the place where the accident occurs.

A person who gives first help uses a First Aid Kit.

This is a container with items required to give the first help.

By the end of the lesson you should be able to assemble items in a First Aid Kit.

Contents of a First Aid Kit

–  Cotton Wool

–  Bandages

–  Disposable Gloves

–  Clinical Thermometer

–  Ointment

–  Petroleum Jelly

–  Antiseptic

–  Adhesive Dressings

–  Surgical Blades

–  Scissors

–  Tweezers

–  Pain Killers

–  Gauze

–  Safety Pins

–  Sling

–  Notepad and Pen

–  Water

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