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 Full-time: available
Part-time: available
Prospective PG students (inc. current UG): available
Current PG students: not available
Entry year: 2022/23
 Undergraduate: available
Postgraduate taught: available
Postgraduate research: available

About the loan

The FINS scheme offers study loans designed to meet real student needs, this is an extremely important step towards enabling EU students with a limited money to pursue higher education. The scheme was introduced to University of Bradford in 2021 and is open to EU students who have applied OR have received an offer to study on a full time Undergraduate or Postgraduate course starting in September 2021.

The study loan is flexible and can be used for the following:

• Tuition fee finance

• Monthly living costs of meals and rent (including rent deposit)

• Books and other study materials

• Laptop

• Medical Insurance

• Transportation

• Urgent expenses

Eligibility criteria

FINS finance students accepted onto an Undergraduate or Postgraduate program, the team look into the following eligibility criteria when assessing applications.

• Citizenship of an EU member state
• Good academic record
• Have no outstanding / unpaid debts for previous loans by other financial institutions.

*Please note that loans are only available to EU citizens from an EU member state.

Applicable courses

All undergraduate or postgraduate courses

Eligible countries

Students from all countries, who meet the criteria, are eligible.

How to apply

As soon as you know which university you want to go to, you can use the finance calculator and application on the FINS webpage.

Please use the following link to apply:


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