These are Financial Accounting Past Questions. 40 questions will be picked at random from the question bank.

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Errors in the ledger can only be corrected through

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Uche returned goods worth N1, 500 to Udo. Uche should receive

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Which of the following is not a cause for the difference between bank statement balance and cash book balance?

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Which of the following is a current assets item?

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The purpose of a trading account is to ascertain

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The maximum amount which a company can raise by way of selling share is

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The amount for which a business is sold is known as

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Which of the following does not lead to depreciation of assets?

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Which of the following does not relate to a non-for-profit-making organisation?

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Cash discount is given for

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Which of the following is used before the appropriation bill is approved?

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A company charges out goods to a branch at cost plus 25 per cent. It invoiced N12, 000 worth of goods. The mark-up is

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A payment of N150 to a creditor is

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The Accountant General disburses government fund by the use of

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Which of the following serves the same purpose as the income and Expenditure Account of a non-trading organisation?

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Which of the following is not a debit entry on a sales ledger control account?

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When a share is sold for less than its nominal value, the difference is debited to

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The chief accounting officer of Nigeria is called the

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An asset was bought on 1st January, 1992 for N20, 000. Depreciation was provided for annually at 20% on cost. It was sold for N7, 000 on 1st July, 1995. The net book value at the time of sale was

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Which of the following is found in the personal ledger?

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Which of the following is an asset?

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Carriage outwards is the amount spent on transportation

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The person who has applied for shares in a company is called

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Which of the following is a fictitious asset?

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Rent receivable is a

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Which of the following entries is made when damaged goods are returned to the supplier?

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Which of the following serves the same purpose as a trading account?

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Which of the following is an example of personal amount?

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Carriage outwards is charged to the

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Provision for discount on debtors is to be

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A business whose assets consisted of stock N15, 000 and debtors N18, 000 was bought by issuing 20,000 ordinary shares of N1 each at a premium of 20 per cent. The purchase consideration was

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Purchases of goods from Obi had been entered in Obika’s account. This is an error of

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A document which acknowledge that a company owes a named person a stated sum of money with the promise that a stated interest rate will be paid periodically is called

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Which of the following is the least liquid?

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Debtors at start was N5, 620 and at close N3, 460. Cash and cheque received from customers amounted to N 16,330. Credit sales for the year valued

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A list of balance extracted from the ledger is known as

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What are accounting entries for bad debts recovered?

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Accounts payable is

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The balance sheet is a statement showing

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Which of the following is treated under partnership Appropriation Account?

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