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Literature in English

Folktales are stories that were made up long ago. These stories were made up to teach people how to live good lives and how to live wisely. The stories are quite funny, amusing, entertaining and exciting. Many of them teaches moral lessons. Folk tales were told through the world. So we have folk tales from Nigeria, Africa, China etc. human and animalistic image can be use to represent character.



Write a short folk tale story example can be seen in a Reference: New  focus for junior secondary school 2 pg 116.


SPEECH WORK: The /əʊ/ sound e.g. /go, blow, mow, know/

At the production of /əʊ/, the tongue glide start at a point between the centre and the back with a closing movement of the lower jaw.

The gradual tongue glide towards /ʊ/ agrees with the closing movement of the jaw. The shape of the lips changes from neutral to a rounded few spelling symbols which are:

‘ow’ as in cow, how, blow

‘ou’ as in out, cloud, out

‘ough’ as in plough, drough

In addition, to produce /əʊ/, tongue movement is from /a/ to /ʊ/. This diphthong is heard as shown in colour in the following utterances; e.g. in order to browse on your computer, you should use the mouse.



Underline: /əʊ/ in the following sentences.

  1. You should not allow your doubt to weigh you down
  2. Mohammed Ali won the bout between him and Joe Frazer
  3. How will flowers survive in the long drought
  4. The fow in the backyard foul the air a lot.


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