School Portal Nigeria FAQ

School Portal Nigeria is a School Learning Management System (SLMS), where learners and students have access to free contents and teachers, instructors, tutors, professionals and masters of their subjects deliver their free subject's contents. Every contents here is totally free.
Anyone that has somethings useful to share with the learners and students
It is a thing of joy that your contribution can be of immense help to learners. Learners can benefit from your wealth of experience.You can kindly use (a) Post your contents here to post your lesson notes, training materials, tips, etc. and you can use (b) post a new blog for posting your contents on your personal blog, which can be view on your profile. .
This is a means where you post your personal post on your personal blog. Every member that has signed up has his/her blog on his/her profile page. you must have sign up and login for you to be able to use this feature.So you can now have a blogging platform to write on your blog post and invite your friends and family to read your blogs.All contents on user blogs does not go to the subjects/courses page. they stay on their own on user blog page.
School Portal Nigeria has lots of great features. We have some social feature to encourage social learning such as friend list, notifications, user blog, profile photo, cover page, follow, etc
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