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Social Studies (Primary Classes)

Concept of a Family

A family consists of father, mother and children.

Members of a Typical Family


He is the head of the family.

He provides for the family


She is the wife to the father.

She takes care of the children at home.


The male and female children are members of the family.


  1. Touch a boy in the picture.
  2. Touch a girl in the picture.
  3. Who is the head of the family?
  4. Touch the mother in the pictures in this module.
  5. Mention the number of boys in your family.
  6. Mention the number of girls in your family.


  1. State the name of your father.
  2. State name of your mother.
  3. Ask your friends how many boys and girls they have in their families.
  4. Are you a boy or a girl?


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