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Family: Functions, Advantages & Unit of the Society

What is a family? The family is the smallest unit of a social Organization. It exists in every society. According to the Sociologist a family is a group of people who are related by heredity or adoption.

The family is the first social group where a child is taught what is right and what is wrong, what is role is in the society through example. The family also passes the norms and folkways of the society from generation to generate.

Functions of the Family

  1. Emotional Care: – The family gives every child Love, security, affection and companionship right from birth. All these help the child in developing good behaviour needed in relating well with others in the society.
  2. Child Survival and upbringing: The family ensures that the children have everything they need to survive and become responsible members of the society.
  3. Socialization: The family ensures that children are property socialized.

The Family teaches the child acceptable norms and values of the society. This include greeting, or courtesy, dressing eating habits, how to relate with other people etc.

Children are likely to misbehave in the society where proper, socialization is not done from the family he comes.

Advantages of living together in family

  1. Protection: Every member protects eternal aggression of any form. The father performs a major role in this regard.
  2. Happiness: in a normal family every member enjoys happiness from time to time as they live together.
  3. Unity of Purpose: The family has a common goal which is pursued by every member of the family.
  4. Education of Children: Children in a family have the opportunity to receiving formal and informal education for a better future.


1 In your own word explain the term family.

  1. List and explain two functions of family.

3. Mention 5 importance of good family reputation


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