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An organizer is used for keeping personal records, data or information. You can use it for keeping the birthdays of members of your family and those of your friends.

Uses of organizer

  1. Assist students in organizing information.
  2. For storing information and data
  3. For keeping memories
  4. Assist teachers in planning lesson
  5. Illustrate the school’s goals or plan for the Parent-Teacher Organization
  6. Illustrate instructional goal links to testing expectations
  7. To show what each grade will be teaching and how units fit into the larger picture of the curriculum for the whole school
  8. Assess student learning


Description of an organizer

An electronic organizer (or electric organizer) is a small calculator-sized computer, often with a built-in diary application and other functions such as an address book and calendar. It normally has a small alphanumeric keypad and an LCD screen of one, two, or three lines.



Step I: Teacher revises the previous topic

Step II: Teacher introduces the new topic “Electronic organizer ”

Step III: Teacher explains the uses of an electronic organizer

Step IV: Teacher describes an electronic organizer

Step V: Teacher explains further with relevant examples

Step VI: Pupils contribute and ask questions


  1. Describe what an electronic organizer looks like
  2. What is an organizer?


  1. State three functions of an electronic organizer
  2. Draw an electronic organizer
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