Accident can be defined as a sudden occurrence that causes injury on the victims/road users. It can also cause damage to the vehicles or properties

There are three categories of accidents.

  • Fatal accident – when life is lost
  • Serious accident – when there are injuries
  • Minor accident – when there are no injuries

Effects of disobeying traffic rules and regulations

When people fail to obey the traffic rule many things happens such as:

  1. Accidents occur which may affect both the motorists and the pedestrians.
  2. Traffic jam/congestion occur.
  3. Time is wasted as a result of traffic jam.
  4. There could be loss of lives and property.
  5. One could pay fine after arrest
  6. Conflicts may occur which may disturb other road users.
  7. It could affects ones business activities for the day such as getting to work late.

How to prevent road traffic accident.

  1. Drivers should maintain a modest speed limit such as 100km per hour for cars etc.
  2. Over loading of vehicles should be avoided
  3. Vehicles and their parts should be in good condition before putting them on the road.
  4. Motorists should avoid overtaking at dangerous/illegal parts/corners.
  5. Drivers should take enough rest when tried or feeling sleepy.
  6. Motorists should always consider or tolerate others road users to prevent traffic jam and accident.

Things to do (steps to take) when accident occur

  1. Caution sign should be placed close to the scene of accidents
  2. One can type the bleeding parts of the accidents victim
  3. Fix a plank and a cloth on a fractured body
  4. Put the head of a slumped by the side.
  5. Do not give the victim anything to drink until they are fit to do so.
  6. The victim can be taken to the hospital for needed attention after the application of the First Aids.


  • Define accident
  • State the three categories of accidents

Mention five ways of preventing road accidents.

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