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Narrative and Descriptive Essay

A Narrative is a story, a tale or an account of something that has happened and which one is retelling to another person. Writing a good Narrative. To write a good narrative essay or enjoy a good story telling, the following should be consider. (i)         The use of good language (ii)        Contain an element of suspense (this involves good presentation) (iii)       Appeal to the sense (of smell, touch, sight, feeling, and taste). (iv)       it should not be too complex (I.e. without too many sub-plot The above point means that –           tell a simple story with just a few characters so that you can handle the narration effectively. –           Write your story in such a way that you do not let your reader know the most vital result of the actions until the very end. –           Narrate your story so vividly that a reader would almost see the people, event,… Read More »Narrative and Descriptive Essay

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Forgetting is the inability to retain and retrieve previously learned information. Scientific investigations go a long way to prove that human memory or aptitude for learning depreciates especially when one advances in age. This implies that at adolescent stage(school age), students are physically, psychologically and physiologically endowed to retain their class lessons in their memories for a long time. However, in the contemporary school system, the reverse has become the case.   The major causes of this forgetfulness from the psychology and physiology point of views can be summarized as follows. 1. Decay of memory traces: Learning creates traces in the brain and if such traces are not constantly activated, they tend to “decay” leading to forgetfulness. Likewise, if previously learnt lessons are not constantly activated revised by students the traces for such lessons can be lost temporarily or permanently in the brain. 2. Motivated forgetting: Any learning associated with unpleasant and painful… Read More »WHY STUDENTS EASILY FORGET THEIR CLASS LESSONS

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Reading is an intellectual activity directed towards extraction of meaning from a written piece. It is the act of giving meaningful interpretation to printed words. The student view it as a tedious task, which must be “done” in order to pass their examinations.   “Reading” in Nigeria has posed many problems to secondary school students because of the bad reading habits they display. Many of them were never introduced to formal instructions in reading. The purpose of this write-up therefore, is to identify some bad reading habits among Nigerian students and to propound some solutions to eradicate or at least minimize them. Head movement: some students move their heads unconsciously from side to side as they read. Such movement is both unnecessary and wasteful. Students should have friends, observe them while they read to discover whether or not they are wasting time and energy through head movement. Tracing with a… Read More »BAD READING HABITS AMONG STUDENTS: REMEDIES PROFFERED



We are in the 21st century, therefore, education should move in the upward positive trend, not reverse. Do you know that it is almost impossible for for a doctor to kill or paralyse the health system of his patients without the minority of the world knowing about it, but it is very possible for a teacher to kill a thousand people at a time and even extend it to many generation. What a malady! It’s so disheartening when I walk up to have a question-like discussion with some students/pupils and I realized there is a damage, though not beyond repair. What a damage? If I ask you to guess, I’m sure you won’t get it right after 10 trials.   The damage is “teachers unjustifiably abbreviating words that shouldn’t be abbreviated”. The saddest part is that most of them won’t give the acronyms. Abbreviations like CRK, IRK, CCA, ICT, RNV,… Read More »TEACHERS UNCONSCIOUSLY MAKING THE LEARNERS IGNORAMUS

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The aim of this article is to establish you the information that “children they say are the gifts from God,yet they are allowed to suffer by those who should be taking care of them”   The convention on the rights of the child, regarding the importance of family adds that “The child for the full and harmonious development of his or her personality, should grow up in the family environment, in an atmosphere of happiness, love and understanding. In Nigeria today, that ideal is far from being achieved. Child abuse seems to be the order of the day. Please, let’s help to eradicate child abuse in Nigeria   CONCEPT OF WHO A CHILD IS Who is a child? A child is any young person below the age of eighteen. From the definition given, we can deduce that a child will fall between the age brackets of a-day old to eighteen years… Read More »CHILD ABUSE

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There are things that distinguish champions from others. Most of the people think it’s their talent but I will argue that it’s their mindset. If you’re natural, you believe that you shouldn’t have deficiencies, so you can’t face them and coach them. In my findings, I have identified two mindsets about ability that people may hold.( Fixed mindset and growth mindset) FIXED MINDSET People with this mindset see abilities as fixed features. In this view, talents are referred to as gifts, you either have them or you don’t. The fixed mindset, in which you have only a certain amount of a valued talent, leads people to want to look good at all times. People in fixed mindset try to highlight their proficiencies and hide their deficiencies. Infact, it is obvious that they will often reject valuable learning opportunities if these opportunities hold the risk of unmasking their weaknesses.   Even… Read More »BECOMING A CHAMPION

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Boarding life is undoubtedly an interesting experience a child will love to have. How true is that? It is very true to a reasonable extent because as a boarder you will explore a lot of things in a different world, I mean away from your home. Who is a boarder? A boarder is a student who lives at school during term time. In a jiffy, let’s brush through the life of a boarder and what a prospecting boarder should expect. You know that excitement you get after passing your entrance examination and your parents tell you “Tola, get prepared, you will resume on September 8” sure, you are happy……….. ain’t you? But, I tell you when you get to the gate of the school and you are about to part with your parents………… tears will roll down your cheeks, you and your parents, though not all children cry. Why the… Read More »THE LIFE OF A BOARDER

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From ages, till date and continuously, learning will start from the home. Yes, parents are to the first teachers every child start with, thereby, making the learning process an unforgettable one. Parenting is not a small task, as one need to be extra-careful in the way a child is being brought up. A larger percentage of a child’s behaviour is being nurtured within the four walls of the home. Many signals, gestures, sound, local and universal languages are being learnt by a child from their parents. Let’s get the nails driven into the wood straight away as we look at some kinds of parents we’ve got around us.   The “Hasty Parents”: These parents go as far as fighting and threatening the school their children attend. What is the threat about? It is not a reaction to a teacher who has scolded the child but for an unreasonable idea, like… Read More »​PARENTAL INFLUENCE ON A CHILD’S ACADEMIC PERFORMANCE

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According to Great Man theory and Trait theories “Leaders are Born” not made. Great leaders are natural and they are different from the ones that are trained. Most if not all remarkable leaders have their own legacy in leadership and they were leaders from the onset of their journey. Behavioural Theories believe that people can become leaders through the process of teaching, learning and observation. Leadership is a set of skills that can be learned by training, perception, practice and experience over time. Leadership learning is lifetime activity. Good leaders seek out development opportunities that will help them learn new skills. Leadership is an art not science. Being a science scholar I disagree as I always argue Science and Art, both are like two sides of a same coin. Without artistic thinking science itself has no value and vice-versa.   The 5 basic steps in leadership are: 1. Model the… Read More »LEADERSHIP PROBLEMS IN THE EDUCATIONAL INDUSTRY

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BIOLOGY (BIO) SSS 3- FIRST TERM 1. Regulation of Internal Environment 2. Nervous Co-ordination 3. Sense Organs 4. Ecology of Population 5. Balance in Nature 6. Reproductive System and Reproduction in Humans   BIOLOGY (BIO) SSS 3- SECOND TERM 1. Development of New Seeds 2. Fruits 3. Reproductive Behaviours 4. Biology of Heredity (Genetics) 5. Variation and Evolution 6. Adaptation for Survival 7. Evolution 8. General Revision…General Revision…General Revision   Also See ACCOUNTING SSS 3 SCHEME OF WORK SALESMANSHIP SSS 2 SCHEME OF WORK HISTORY SSS 2 SCHEME OF WORK DATA PROCESSING SSS 2 SCHEME OF WORK

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BIOLOGY (BIO) SSS 2- FIRST TERM Organization of Life – Classification of Plants The Organism at Work – Digestive System – Transport System – Respiratory System – Excretory System   BIOLOGY (BIO) SSS 2- SECOND TERM The Organism and Its Environment – Nutrient Cycling in Nature – Ecological Management: Association, Tolerance, Adaptation, Pollution – Conservation of Natural Resources – Pests and Diseases of Crops   BIOLOGY (BIO) SSS 2- THIRD TERM Continuity of Life – Reproductive Systems in Vertebrates – Reproductive Systems in Plants – Pollination in Plants   Also See AGRICULTURAL SCIENCE (AGRIC) SSS 2 SCHEME OF WORK SALESMANSHIP SSS 1 SCHEME OF WORK HISTORY SSS 1 SCHEME OF WORK

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ACCOUNTING (ACC) SSS 3- FIRST TERM Company Accounts and the Regulation of the Nigerian Capital Market – Final Accounts – Regulation of the capital Market Commercial Accounting – Hire Purchase and Installment Payment Account – Consignment Account – Joint Venture Account – Contract Account   ACCOUNTING (ACC) SSS 3- SECOND TERM Commercial Accounting Department and Branch Account – Departmental Account – Branch Account Public Sector Accounting Revision…Revision…Revision   Also See SALESMANSHIP SSS 2 SCHEME OF WORK HISTORY SSS 2 SCHEME OF WORK DATA PROCESSING SSS 2 SCHEME OF WORK YORUBA SSS 2 SCHEME OF WORK PHYSICS SSS 2 SCHEME OF WORK

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AGRIC SCIENCE (AGRIC) SS 2- FIRST TERM Agricultural Ecology Plant Nutrient and Nutrient Cycle. (1) Irrigation (2) Drainage (3) Agricultural Pollution Agricultural Engineering 1. Farm Surveying and Planning 2. Farm Planning 3. Principles of Farm Stead, Planning and Location of Buildings/Structures Forestry 1. Forest Management 2. Agro-forestry Practices in Nigeria WHY STUDENTS EASILY FORGET THEIR CLASS LESSONSCHILD ABUSE AGRIC SCIENCE (AGRIC) SS 2- SECOND TERM Ornamental Plants 1. Meaning and Importance of Ornamental Plants 2. Common Types of Ornamental Plants each type 3. Settings and Locations for planting each type. 4. Method of cultivating ornamental plants. 5. Maintenance of ornamental plants Crop Production 1. Diseases of Crop 2. Pests of Crops 3. Weeds and Weed Control Animal Science 1. Types and Classification of Farm Animals 2. Anatomy and Physiology of Farm Animals   AGRIC SCIENCE (AGRIC) SS 2- THIRD TERM Animal Science 1. Animal Reproduction 2. Environmental Physiology 3. Livestock… Read More »AGRIC SS 2 SCHEME OF WORK

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BIOLOGY SS 1- FIRST TERM Organization of Life 1. Recognizing living things 2. Classification of Living Things – Kingdoms: Monere, Protista and Fungi, Plantae and Animalia 3. The cell 4. The Cell and its Environment 5. Some Properties and ‘Functions of the Cell 6. Tissues and Supporting Systems 7. Nutrition in Animals   BIOLOGY SS 1- SECOND TERM The Organism and Its Environment 1. Basic Ecological Concepts 2. Functioning Ecosystem, Autotrophy and Heterotrophy – Food Webs and Tropic Levels 3. Energy Transformation in Nature 4. Relevance of Biology to Agriculture 5. Micro-organisms around us 6. Micro-organism in action 7. Micro-organism and better health 8. Aquatic habitat (Marine Habitat) 9. Aquatic habitat (Estuarine Habitat)   BIOLOGY SS 1- THIRD TERM The Organism and Its Environment (Cont’d) 1. Aquatic habitat (Fresh Water Habitat) 2. Terrestrial Habitat (Marsh) 3. Terrestrial Habitat (Forest) 4. Terrestrial Habitat (Grassland) 5. Terrestrial Habitat (Arid Lands) Continuity of… Read More »SCHEME OF WORK FOR BIOLOGY SS 1

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Agric Scheme of work for SS1

Agric Science SS1 Scheme of work – FIRST TERM Basic Concept 1. Meaning and Importance of Agriculture 2. Problems of Agricultural development and possible Solutions 3. Meaning and differences between Subsistence and Commercial Agriculture 4. Role of Government in Agricultural Development 5. Role of Non-Governmental Organisation in Agricultural Development 6. Agricultural Laws and Reforms Agricultural Ecology 7. Meaning and Importance of Agricultural Ecology 8. Land and its uses 9. Factors affecting land availability for Agricultural purposes   Agric Science SS 1 Scheme of work – SECOND TERM Agricultural Ecology (Cont’d) 1. Agro-Allied Industries and Relationship between Agriculture and Industry 2. Environmental Factors affecting Agricultural production 3. Rock Formation 4. Soil Formation and Profile development 5. Types, composition and properties of soil Agricultural Engineering & Mechanization 6. Simple farm Tools, uses and Maintenance 7. Farm Machinery and Implements 8. Maintenance Practices and Precautionary Measures Agric Science SS 1 Scheme of work… Read More »Agric Scheme of work for SS1

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ACCOUNTING SS 1- FISRT TERM Introduction and Historical Development of Booking-Keeping Accounting 1. Book Keeping and Accounting 2. Ethics of Accounting Principles and Concepts of Accounting 3. Principles of Double Entry 4. Accounting Concepts Journals and Cash Account 5. General Journal 6. Analytical Cash Book   ACCOUNTING SS 1- SECOND TERM Journals and Cash Account (Cont’d) 1. Bank Reconciliation Statement Classes of Accounts and Final Account of a Sole Trader (Proprietor) 2. Classification of Accounts 3. Trial Balance and Correction of Error 4. Trading Account 5. Profit and loss Account   ACCOUNTING SS 1- THIRD TERM   Classes of Accounts and Final Account of a Sole Trader/Proprietor (Cont’d) 1. Adjustments in Profit and Loss Account 2. Balance Sheet Control Account 3. Sales Ledger (Total Debtors Control Account) 4. Purchases ledger (Total Creditors Account)   Also See BECOMING A CHAMPION List of Universities in USA Names of Nigeria Universities financial accounting… Read More »SCHEME OF WORK FOR ACCOUNTING SSS 1

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Best 100 Universities in Latin America

Best 100 Universities in Latin America 1  Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México 2  Universidade de São Paulo 3  Universidad de Chile 4  Universidade Estadual de Campinas 5  Universidade Federal do Rio de Janeiro 6  Universidade Federal de Santa Catarina 7  Universidade Federal do Rio Grande do Sul 8  Universidad de Buenos Aires 9  Universidade de Brasília 10  Universidad Politécnica y Artística del Paraguay 11  Universidade Federal do Paraná 12  Universidade Federal da Bahia 13  Universidad de Guadalajara 14  Pontificia Universidad Católica del Perú 15  Universidade Estadual Paulista 16  Pontifícia Universidade Católica do Rio de Janeiro 17  Universidad de Costa Rica 18  Universidad de Santiago de Chile 19  Universidade Federal Fluminense 20  Universidad Nacional de La Plata 21  Universidad Técnica Particular de Loja 22  Universidad Autónoma del Estado de México 23  University of the West Indies 24  University of the West Indies 25  Universidad Nacional de Colombia 26  Universidad de Concepción… Read More »Best 100 Universities in Latin America


Top 100 Universities in Asia

Top 100 Universities in Asia, 100 Best Universities, Best Asia Universities, The Best Universities in Asia Continent 1  University of Tokyo 2  The University of Hong Kong 3  Peking University 4  Keio University 5  National Taiwan University 6  National Chiao Tung University 7  Naresuan University 8  Hebrew University of Jerusalem 9  Kyoto University 10  Kasetsart University 11  Universitas Gadjah Mada 12  The Chinese University of Hong Kong 13  Universitas Muhammadiyah Yogyakarta 14  Universitas Gunadarma 15  Zhejiang University 16  Universitas Islam Indonesia 17  Prince of Songkla University 18  Tel Aviv University 19  Fudan University 20  Shanghai Jiao Tong University 21  Universiti Putra Malaysia 22  Khon Kaen University 23  National Central University 24  Wuhan University 25  National Ilan University 26  Nagoya University 27  Universitas Indonesia 28  Osaka University 29  National Sun Yat-sen University 30  Chiang Mai University 31  Anadolu Üniversitesi 32  Ortadoğu Teknik Üniversitesi 33  University of Haifa 34  University of Science… Read More »Top 100 Universities in Asia


Top 100 Universities in the World

Top 100 Universities in the World, Best 100 Universities in the World, World Best Universities, Hottest Universities in the World. List of top 100 World Universities. 1  Stanford University 2  Harvard University 3  University of Cambridge 4  University of Oxford 5  University of California – Berkeley 6  University of Toronto 7  Cornell University 8  University of British Columbia 9  University of Michigan – Ann Arbor 10  Eidgenössische Technische Hochschule Zürich 11  University of Washington 12  University of Edinburgh 13  University of Texas at Austin 14  University of Pennsylvania 15  University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign 16  University of Wisconsin – Madison 17  University of California – Los Angeles 18  University College London 19  Columbia University in the City of New York 20  Yale University 21  University of Minnesota – Twin Cities 22  McGill University 23  University of Alberta 24  Simon Fraser University 25  Pennsylvania State University – Penn State Main Campus… Read More »Top 100 Universities in the World


Top 100 Universities in Africa

Top 100 Universities in Africa, Best 100 Africa Universities. Nigeria Universities, Ghana Universities, Cameroon Universities, South Africa Universities, Kenya Universities and other Africa universities Here are our top universities in Africa according to web ranking. We provide you with universities details around the world. 1  International Université 2  University of Cape Town 3  Presbyterian University College 4  University of Pretoria 5  Hubert Kairuki Memorial University 6  University of Wolverhampton Mauritius branch 7  University of Stellenbosch 8  University of Dar es Salaam 9  University of the Witwatersrand 10  Suffolk University Dakar Campus 11  University of Education 12  Awassa College of Teacher Education 13  Rhodes University 14  American University in Cairo 15  Cairo University 16  University of KwaZulu-Natal 17  University of the Western Cape 18  University of South Africa 19  Tambach Teachers Training College 20  University of Botswana 21  Universidade Eduardo Mondlane 22  Université de Timbuktu 23  China Europe International Business School… Read More »Top 100 Universities in Africa

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