Personnel department

This department is also refers to as human resources or human capital department. It is responsible for staff related matters. It is headed by a personnel manager or human resource manager or human capital


  1. Promotion of staff welfare
  2. Promotion and discipline of staff
  3. Recruitment and training of staff
  4. Ensuring discipline in an organisation
  5. Advertising vacant positions in an organisation
  6. Settling disputes between staff and management
  7. Ensuring termination and retirement of staff when necessary

Production department

This department is the live wire of any manufacturing industry. It is responsible for the conversion or changing or transformation or turning raw materials into semi-finished and finished goods. It is headed by the production manager.


  1. Ensuring that goods produced meet specified standards
  2. Promoting safety in the factory by making safety equipment available and maintaining factory machines.
  3. Ensuring that goods are produced at the right time and at reasonable prices.
  4. Ensuring a reduction in the cost of production
  5. Transformation of raw materials into finished and semi-finished goods.

Transport department

This department ensures that goods and people are moved safely within and outside the premises of the business organisation. It is headed by the transport manager.


  1. Buying and maintaining the organization’s vehicles
  2. Allocating or assigning drivers to different vehicles
  3. Allocation of vehicles to different department
  4. Organizing training of drivers
  5. Ensuring that new vehicles are duly registered and renew as at when due.
  6. Ensuring that the vehicles are in good conditions etc.


  • What is personnel department
  • State the head of the following department
  • Transport department
  • Production department
  • Personnel department

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