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During Jesus’ trial, some people discovered that peter was Jesus’ follower because of his

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Justification by faith according to Paul is (a) the state of being a blessed child of God

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According to Paul, God gives us victory over death through

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All the following are causes of unanswered prayers except

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“Two nations are in your womb, and two people born of you shall be divided”. The two people are

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The man who was forced to carry the cross of Jesus was

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The New life in Christ operates through

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Although David was regarded as a man after God’s heart, he acted badly before God when he

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One remarkable thing about the feast of Pentecost for Christians was that it

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Nebuchadnezzan punished those who refused to worship the golden image by throwing them into

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Joseph named his first son “Menasseh” because God made him

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Daniel disobeyed king Darius by

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“Live as free men, yet without using your freedom as pretext for evil” Peter by this text was calling on Christians to

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The love of God for humanity especially for sinners, is clearly manifested in the parable of the

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According to Ezra, the return of the Jews from exile was prophesied by

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Which of the following illustrates the parable of the Mustard seed?

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According to Joseph’s interpretation to pharaoh’s dreams: the seven empty ears blighted by the east wind represented seven years of

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King Nebuchadnezzar mounted his golden image on/at

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Stephen was appointed as a deacon to

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The action of Rehoboam that led to the division of the kingdom was

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The contest between Elija and the prophets of Baal took place at Mount

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Paul made a comparison between Adam and Jesus to show that

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When David became king of the entire Israel, he moved the Capital from

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According to the sermon on the Mount, God’s kingdom would be filled with those who were

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Judas Iscariot sealed up his betrayal pact with the chief priest and elders saying “whomsoever I shall

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Joshua was a successful leader of his people because he

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Jesus performed nature miracle to demonstrate all the following except

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Darkness was not created during creation because

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To be a good citizen, peter advised believers to honour all men and

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The sons of Samuel misused their privileged position by

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God’s ability to create by His spoken word depicts His

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Paul’s letter to Philemon emphasizes

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God rejected Elis line of priesthood because

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Jeremiah’s vision of a boiling pot represented

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Paul’s letter to Philemon is about

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Peter encouraged the church to humble themselves before God so that He would

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At the coming of the Lord, unbelievers will

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“How is that you a Jew ask a drink of me … “This statement was made by the

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In Luke’s account of the transfiguration

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Abraham believed God and it was reckoned to him as righteousness, James used this text to highlight his teaching on

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