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A craft is an activity such as weaving, carving, or pottery that involves making things skillfully by hand, often in a traditional way. When craft has this meaning, its plural form is crafts.

It’s a pity to see the old crafts dying out.

A craft is also a vehicle such as a boat, hovercraft, or submarine that carries people or things on or under water. When craft has this meaning, its plural form is craft.

There were eight destroyers and fifty smaller craft  noun

1.vessel, boat, ship, plane, aircraft, spacecraft, Braque Cannabis smuggling by small craft to remote sites is rising.

2.occupation, work, calling, business, line, trade, employment, pursuit, vocation, handiwork, handicraft All kinds of traditional crafts are preserved here.

3.skill, art, ability, technique, know-how(informal), expertise, knack, aptitude, artistry, dexterity, workmanship, expertness Lilyanna learned her craft of cooking from her grandmother.

4.cunning, ingenuity, guile, cleverness, scheme, subtlety, deceit, ruse, artifice, trickery, wiles, duplicity, subterfuge, contrivance, shrewdness, artfulness They defeated their enemies through craft and cunning.


basketry or basket-making, batik, calligraphy, ceramics, cloisonnage, crewelwork, crochet, decoupage, dressmaking, embroidery, flower arranging, knitting, knot work, macramé, needlepoint, patchwork, pottery, quilling, quilting, raffia work, sewing, spinning, sugar craft, tapestry, weaving, wickerwork


Craft Tools

Discover all the essential crafting tools you need to kit out your craft box, from precision craft knives, to paint brushes, cutting mats and pliers!

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